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The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems
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Computer Society of India, Jabalpur Chapter


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Building the Ecosystem

CSI Jabalpur Chapter is bringing together and working with key stakeholders such as Governments, Academia, Corporates, Research Organisations, Think Tanks, etc.


Organizes workshop on the cutting-edge technology like cyber security, information security, machine learning


Organizing state of the art conferences of the field for advancement of technology.

Global Mentor Community

Within a short span, CSI Jabalpur Chapter have established a global network of mentors from diverse fields and the mentor community is widespread and still growing.

Hackathon & Conventions

Student level various competition for the CSI Student Chapter Members

Membership Drive

Providing Professional Membership and Student Membership


Glimpses of events

"Regional Vice President's Message "

I am happy to know that Computer Society of India, Jabalpur is going launch a website soon. I am delighted to see that CSI Jabalpur in interested activate and bring the chapter in new shape. This effort will give them a booster to activate and organize many events in the coming days. I am sure CSI Jabalpur will add new dimension in my Region and Computer Society of India. I on behalf of Computer Society of India, I wish them a good luck and bright future ahead.
Mr. Jayant Bhide
Regional Vice President, Region 3, Computer Society of India

Immediate Past Chairman

Shri Vipin Dhaghat

Chairman 2019-20


Shri IS Ruprah

Chairman 2018-19


Dr Maneesh Choubey

Chairman 2017-18

Our Executive Team

Dr. Santosh K. Vishwakarma


Shri Jitendra Kulkarni


Dr Ashish Mishra


Dr Vimmi Pandey


Shri Arvind Nayak

Eminent Members,
National Nominee Committee